About us

Established to offer hardware services and software solutions to the banking system in Iran, and to meet the growing and expanding requirements and needs of the country’s banking system, ADONIS Electronic Services Development Co.( ADONIS, for short ), started its activities in 2012. The main shares of ADONIS, are held by top three private banks of the country, namely; Saman, Pasargad and Mellat Banks ( respectively ). ADONIS, for the time being, is one of the country’s leading companies in offering hardware products, such as: ATMs about which, it  supports 3 major , well- known ATM brands in Iran, i.e. Wincor- Nixdorf, Eastcom( which is fully compatible with Wincor- Nixdorf ATM ), and NCR ATMs, Cash acceptors, CRS(Cash Recycler System) and banking kiosks( Cashless ATMs ), as well as software solutions, to cover automated banking terminals, software to steer automated equipment networks and other related software, and also Monitoring System Software, through all of which, the company plays a great role in expansion of electronic services of the country. Having utilized the cooperation of 450 technical expert personnel, considered as its human capitals, who form a dynamic and creative team in producing software, from one hand, and a professional and agile maintenance team in 56 technical bureaus, from the other hand, and having 16 workshops, and enjoying 22% of market share by supporting 13000 ATMs all over the country, ADONIS offers relevant services and new banking products to Iranian banks and financial institutions.