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Adonis ESD Co. was established on 22nd May 2012 with the intention to provide and support payment machines and equipment which is one of today’s fundamental requirements of the nation’s banking industry.
Our refurbish centers have been actively involved in the refurbishment of numerous NCR and Wincor Nixdorf machines, which the feedback from our customers has been very promising.



With reliance to our competitive specialist’s knowledge and experience we are providing diverse, innovative, integrated yet flexible solutions and services to our customers. The majority of Adonis’s team have several years of experience within the industry whom are considered as the main asset and competitive advantage of the company.
With our extensive network of operational and repair service offices we are able to reach all corners of Iran and provide support and maintenance services to for several ATM brands such as EastCom, Wincor Nixdorf and NCR.


Adonis is mainly in the fields of:
• Providing various E-payment machines and equipment (cash dispensers, acceptors, etc.)
• Sales of EastCom ATM’s
• Support and maintenance of NCR, EastCom and Wincor Nixdorf ATM’s
• Offering comprehensive software and hardware solutions within the ATM network
• Sales of particular models of various ATM brands
• Transportation, installation and site preparation of ATM’s